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Before and After: Perennial Garden Renovation and Installation, Ferndale NY 2016


I am constantly reminded how lucky I am-to be invited to properties in remote corners of the Catskill and Upper Delaware River Valley region for the purpose of reviving forgotten gardens, building new ones, and giving new life to properties adopted by new owners. This 1800’s Colonial farmhouse on an old Catskills hotel property in Ferndale, NY is an absolute treasure, and this post shows the first phase of renovation that took place this past summer and fall, 2016. Most of the old gardens were long gone, but a few shrubs, trees and perennials held on long enough to be untangled from weeds, vines and invading lawn. One of the most fertile properties I’ve seen, the property was almost jungle like, with vegetation swallowing parts of the house, completely overtaking an old fenced veggie garden plus massive locust trees looming overhead, ancient overgrown apple trees crying out for pruning and insect control. To start the project, we ID’d the priorities: prune back the most threatening locust trees, prune and spray an ancient Winesap apple tree, renovate existing gardens, clear the vegetation touching the house and replace with ornamental, well-behaved shrubs and perennials, fenced from deer, mulched to keep weeds down. New apple, pear and peach trees were planted in a newly cleared, previously overgrown area adjacent to the house, where the owner’s could keep a watchful eye on them from the side porch and kitchen windows. New photos will be continuously added as the property evolves. Stay tuned!

Before-View 1 of house front June 2016

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