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Tailoring your garden to your needs!

Before and After, Lew Beach Raised Bed Vegetable Garden


Come on, be brave! Do away with your lawn and build your food plot right onto your house! It’s super practical. I am grateful to my clients who trust me when I suggest this idea. Many are skeptical at first, but all are glad in the end when they learn how easy it is to keep an eye on their gardens, and access them with minimal effort. After considering other locations on the sloping, rocky property, it was decided that the south facing front of the house was the best location, and since there was already a garden there, the soil was much improved over the property’s native soil. For these first time veggie gardeners, I knew the easier and less intimidating the garden was to work in, the more they would interact with it. The compact size will limit what can be grown, but I consider the limitationĀ a benefit in this situation. Regarding the fence, come spring 2016, the wood will have aged a bit, so the fence will start to recede as the garden’s contents take center stage. By dressing up the outer perimeter with perennial flowers and herbs, the fence will become less visible still!

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