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When Life Gives you Lettuce…Make This!


If like me, you are getting sick of your lettuce patch and think you justcannoteatonemoresalad, remind yourself how miserably hard it is to find good greens around here from November-April, and therefore it’s time to get creative with the lettuce glut that happens in June and July, pre-cucumber and tomato season.

This post was inspired by a client and newbie gardener in Cochecton, who’s 2 adult member household is overwhelmed with the 12 lettuce transplants we put in back in May.

Much Ado About Lettuce
Much Ado About Lettuce

With all the rain we’ve had this spring and summer, lettuces and other greens have grown rampantly, all coming into harvest at the same time, demanding you harvest them before they bolt (go to seed)  in the heat of summer.

Of course you should be eating salad every day (get it while the gettin’s good!), but here are some other great ways to use a bumper crop of the leafy stuff:



Grilled Romaine Hearts

Chicken Mango Lettuce Wraps

Nicoise Salad

Lettuce Soup

Also, try replacing Nori sheets with lettuce of your choice for a garden inspired sushi night!

Juice it!

Make pesto! Blend lettuce and basil or your herb of choice in = amounts, add garlic, walnuts or pine nuts and plenty of olive oil to make a paste in the blender and serve over pasta!

Do you have a lettuce recipe (salad or otherwise) that you can share? Please do!


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