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Get Psyched for Spring Sewing!


Do you start some of your own seeds indoors, in a greenhouse or in a coldframe? To whet your appetite, watch this YouTube clip, in which adorable U.K. T.V. gardener Alys Fowler shares with you some tips on spring sewing common vegetable crops. Which crops should you plant in modules (seedling flats)? Which should you direct seed into the ground? Watch Alys here:

 Alys Fowler Planting Seeds and Growing Vegetables

Then, head over to the Hudson Valley Seed Library’s website for this super helpful seed starting schedule to help you plan what to do with that pile of seed packets sitting on your dining room table.

Before you go, it helps to know the last spring frost date for your area, since it gives you something to base your seed starting schedule off of. Here’s a helpful graphic showing the estimated last spring frost date for regions in New York State:

last spring frost dates for NYS

Last spring frost dates for NYS

There was no such helpful graphic for PA, but you can view a chart of last spring frost dates for Pennsylvania counties here: PA last spring frost date interactive map.

Next week I’ll share how to create a germination spot for your heat loving tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds, since it’s almost that time!

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