The Dirt Diva

Tailoring your garden to your needs!

Cochecton Center (Mohn Rd) Vegetable Garden


I took this garden under my wing in 2011 and helped the owners kick their veggie production up a notch from what it was. As weekenders, it is hard to keep up with the demands of a veggie garden-planting on time, watering everything in, weeding, thinning, fertilizing, mulching…Dirt Diva to the rescue!

The framework for a formal potager style garden was in place, all i needed to to was to top up all the beds with a fertile manure/topsoil mix, top up the pathways with new peastone and whip the beds into production mode. The owners have since enjoyed 3 seasons of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, rhubarb, lettuce, garlic, summer and winter squash and beautiful flowers to complement.

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