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Nationally acclaimed gardener comes to Sullivan County March 10th!


Recently, a friend turned me onto the PBS TV series “Growing a Greener World”, hosted by Joe Gardener, aka Joe Lamp’l. I liked the first episode so much that I now subscribe to the series via You Tube. This week I learned that Joe Lamp’l is coming to Sullivan County, to speak at the annual conference and expo on March 10th, hosted by Sullivan Renaissance, a local organization which funds garden and beautification projects throughout Sullivan county. Joe has also been the host of 2 other TV programs: “Fresh from the Garden” on DIY network, and “GardenSMART” on PBS. What I love about the most recent series is that it showcases the efforts of extraordinary Americans to not only feed themselves through modern day victory gardens, but how their gardening efforts have changed their communities for the better. Its fresh and inspiring, and is a testament that growing your own food is becoming mainstream again, finally!

Thrifty and Patriotic!

(The last time it was mainstream, was during WW2, when the federal govt. launched the “Victory Garden” Campaign to fight food shortages and supplement food rations!)

Here is the “Growing a Greener World” episode that hooked me to the series.  Joe speaks with Shawna Coronado in Chicago who planted her front lawn with edible plants, (a bold move!) and has become infamous (in a good way) for it. She now has her own You Tube series, titled The Casual Gardener.

The Growing a Greener World has its own channel on You Tube, which can be accessed by this link:
By the way, if you live in Sullivan County and want to hear Joe speak at the Sullivan Renaissance Conference, its happening March 10 at the CVI building in Ferndale. For more info or to register, go to:

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