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A pics worth a thousand words…


…or at least a couple hundred. New pics of perennial gardens and veggie gardens have been added to the gallery today, and more will be coming soon. The Jeffersonville cottage garden is finally in year #3, so is looking very photogenic this summer. The raised bed veggie gardens were shot just after installation in early June, so are due for a July update, as they are know overflowing with greenery and edible treats. The Lew Beach raised bed garden has before, during AND after install pics, it was quite a transformation! The Briscoe barn garden is due for a July photo shoot, as soon as the spirea blooms again, and the clematis and virginia creeper pull themselves up their new “invisible” trellis. I love July- its prime time!

Lew Beach veg. garden June 2011-post install

Beechwoods raised bed garden June 2011

Jeffersonville cottage garden July 2011

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