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I’m alive, I swear!


Wow, May flew by didn’t it? Most of June too. Not much time for updating the blog this last month, as Mother Nature has hurled some curveballs at us here. If its not storming, its 1,000 degrees, and it all makes for some seriously challenging gardening. I hope to soon post pics of some really nice raised bed vegetable ¬†gardens I built this month, both myself and clients are very happy, yay! Until then, know that I’m out there ¬†working between the raindrops as they say here, massacre-ing slugs by the hundreds, tying tomatoes, seeding beans and more lettuces, snapping garlic scapes, weeding my arse off and trying to make a living of it all. By the way, did you know our local radio station has a Saturday morning show dedicated to all things farmy and country? Its called Farm and Country and it airs from 7:30-8 am on 90.5fm. There’s a short and timely gardening segment too, with a tip of the week. Check out WJFF’s archive page here, and look for Farm and Country to play it on your computer.

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