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Can I pick it yet? (part 2)


plump "pickling" cuke ready to munch

Cilantro in its prime at 8 inches tall

The cucumbers are here!!! The earliest pickling cukes have begun to ripen so I have been checking for them every day, and am rewarded each time! Cukes plump up when they are ready. Depending on the type they can long and skinny or short and fat, and colored white, green with stripes like this one, or dark green with prickly bumps. Cut them from the vine where they’re attached. There are lots of herbs ready too. Here is cilantro, which happens to pair nicely with cukes for a cuke salad. Its prime at 8 inches tall, so cut as much as you need at about 3 inches from the soil, and you’ll end up with a nice bunch. Same idea applies to dill and chives.

More goodies not pictured here but may be ready to eat are cherry tomatoes, the first green or yellow peppers, scallions, basil, bunching onions, bok choy, radishes, baby beets, young zucchini and swiss chard. Experiment and try picking whatever you think may be ready. In most cases you’ll get another chance to pick more.

Happy harvesting!

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