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Can I pick it yet? (part 1)


Its July 2 and the vegetable gardens are looking lush and full. Now marks the mid point of the season, some plants have set fruit, others are loaded with flowers. ┬áSO, what is ready to eat right now? In many of your gardens I have noticed things ready for the picking, so I took pics in my own garden of what’s ready and how to harvest.

mature heads of lettuce

These lettuce heads are at their prime. Low mounded shape, no sign of vertical “bolting”, so lets pick them!

cut the lettuce head here, where it comes out of the soil

Once you cut the whole head, it won’t grow back, so enjoy it! A small knife does the job nicely.

nice fat snap pea

Sugar snap peas have been ready for a few weeks now, these were planted on April 1. If your’s were planted later, they may be peaking now, or will soon. You want to pick pods that look fully swollen, like they are going to burst. Snow peas, by contrast, don’t swell up, they stay flat. Pick one and taste it- is is sweet? Great. If not, wait till they get fatter before picking the next one. More pics and info to come in following posts…

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