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Urban gardening is RADical


One way to turn heads in your suburban or urban neighborhood is to transform your front lawn into a food garden, as my friend near North Philadelphia has. At first, passersby and neighbors were dubious about what appeared to be just a big pile of hay on the lawn, but once the corn started to grow out of the mulch, people began to slow down and admire what was happening. Someone even yelled “you’re my hero!” as he pedaled by on a bike!

Michaelann's garden viewed from the front porch

garlic with gourd trellis and new herb spiral

All those astroturf-like lawns of suburbia that require mowing and pesticides and herbicides could be put to much greater use as family food gardens. One doesn’t need loads of space, or time ┬áto grow a few lettuce, beans, peas, herbs, tomatoes or peppers. Forethought, resourcefulness and some design advice will get you on your way. Food gardens can be beautiful too! Think of the visual impact of an entire block with food gardens. Think about the community suppers and the sharing that would rise out of this simple act. Think about all the gallons of gasoline, pesticide and herbicide spared from washing into the storm drains! Another way is possible. May the urban and suburban gardeners perpetuate! For a helpful resource on urban/suburban gardening, visit Food Not Lawns for inspiration.

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