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BAM! It’s April.


Quince blossoms and forsythia

If March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lamb, what does that mean for April? It feels like early June around here! The camera is my constant companion, in the attempt to capture the rapid changes taking place day to day. Like these quince buds and the forsythia now in full bloom, which last week at this time were still in hiding. The pastel eye candy of spring and the colors we associate with Easter are no coincidence!

Arugula sprouting in the low tunnel

In the garden, the greens I seeded a couple weeks ago in my makeshift low tunnel are finally sprouting! That’s trusty arugula coming up, which in another month will be ripe for the pickin’.

parsnips dug on 4/7

And right next door, are the parsnips I planted last spring, the long wait totally worth it. Parsnips dug now will be extra sweet, having spent all winter in the ground hibernating. Grate them up and put in place of carrots to make parsnip cake, or slice and saute’ in butter and you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

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