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Compost: A Dirt Diva’s Best Friend


I made this!

Today I mined some black gold from my backyard. 2 years of piling up my kitchen scraps, mixing in some hay and leaves and shredded newspaper finally has resulted in some finished compost!


thanks to a wonderful gift from a client, who owns a tool similar to the one in the left side of the photo (which I shamelessly admired each time I visited) I was able to sift out the large chunks of debris to get a fine grained material perfect for starting new seeds in! Which then led me to want to plant some lettuce seeds, which it is still too cold for, so I built a little tunnel over one of my beds with metal hoops and remay to warm the soil for a few days. With a few sunny days this week, it should be warm enough in there to plant some greens this weekend.

Low tunnel over future lettuce bed

This is the earliest I have ever attempted planting anything in the garden, but this month has been much warmer than past Marches. The remay is going to stay on till May, since cold snaps aren’t unheard of, and its extra protection from certain four legged creatures who like to dig in soft new beds. Remay= wonderful stuff, aka freeze cloth, row cover, spun polyester. Covering your young seedlings with it adds 2-3 degrees of frost protection, which can mean the difference between life and death sometimes.

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