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The clean-up begins


Pulling up the hoses

Its March 12 and we’ve had 5 straight days with sun in the 40’s. I can see the garden beds emerging from the snow, which also means I can see all the stuff I neglected to clean up in the fall. Like the hoses and irrigation timer! I hope they still work. Yes, we could get more snow before March is over, but I just couldn’t help getting out there to squish around in the mud. Besides, there are ditches to be cleaned out, fences to be repaired and a million other things that I need to do before hard-core planting time comes…

A Little Green Among the Brown

Parsley pushing its way up in March

The determination of plants continues to amaze me. The garden looks like crap this time of year, all brown and mucky with patches of snow and debris all over the place. Yet, there are little islands of green, which attract my attention. The color is so welcome after almost 5 months of winter. Today I found my parsley patch, which survived the winter despite little snow cover (except for the late February snowmageddon), green and sweet tasting as ever! Under the peach tree there is a patch of fuzzy green foxglove seedlings popping up and in one bed, I see a row of baby swiss chard leaves emerging from the debris of last year’s leaves!

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